News of a proposed charter school on the former El Paso de Robles Correctional Youth Facility at 4545 Airport Road in Paso Robles has spread and caught the attention of many in San Luis Obispo County.

“People are sending email and approaching us, asking how they can help, and we are very encouraged,” said co-founder Jim Fotinakes. In the meantime, Fotinakes and fellow co-founders Bob Bourgault and Lyle Porter have changed the working title (Paso Robles Charter School & Youth Center) to “Tres Robles Academy Charter High School,” or TRACHS (“tracks”).

“We are dedicated to providing an environment that promotes sustainable learning – not just competency as expressed on multiple choice texts,” TRACHS co-founders said. “Project learning is one approach that recognizes different learning styles and allows more students to succeed academically. Our life skills program will equip students to operate on a day-to-day basis in fundamental ways required of all adults in their careers and personal lives.”